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Using technology to solve the mismatch between the demand for labor and job offers.


According to Eurostat, in 2018 the vacancy rate reached a peak of 2.2% in the European Union: an alarming fact, representative of the unfulfilled demand for labor and of the imbalance between the skills of those who are unemployed and those sought by recruiters.


The way e-recruiting is trying to solve this growing misalignment between the demand for labor and job offers necessarily goes through Talent Acquisition solutions based on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Machine Learning.


Digital Job Recruitment: an analysis by Jobrapido


Download the white paper to learn more about the European job market– with a focus on the United Kingdom, Italy and the Netherlands– and see how, by applying Taxonomy and Artificial Intelligence to the job recruitment field in a revolutionary way, Jobrapido’s Smart Intuition Technology™ helps foster the matching of labor demand to job offers, leading to:


• a 35% increase in the number of qualified candidates for each job offer
• a 50% increase in the effectiveness of the selection process
12 times higher application rate

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