Life at Jobrapido

What’s great about working at Jobrapido?
Perhaps the technology or our vision of « Revolutionizing the way people get jobs »?
Certainly, but in particular we believe it’s our people.
Working at Jobrapido means being part of a young, competent and dynamic multicultural team that upholds important values.

Our values

Everyone at Jobrapido is responsible for sustaining and promoting an inclusive and ethical culture aiming to support the Company’s vision and goals achievement.
People are at the heart of everything we do, and these are our guiding values:


We believe we must deliver, always. That’s why we put all the technology, analysis and people in place to deliver the right job or candidate.


We continuously innovate to improve our service. In our changing world, nobody can stand still. That’s why we constantly review our systems and our approach.


We are informal and deliver a personal experience. As we work in a people-oriented business, we realise that we can’t be a faceless organisation offering a one-size-fits-all service. We’re friendly, encouraging and positive.


We develop relationships based on trust through our thoughtful expertise. We continuously work on our algorithms and crunch our data to deliver a smarter, faster, more accurate service.


We do everything we can to anticipate your needs. That means being fast, clear and simple. We’re genuinely interested in every individual and strive to understand his or her needs with meticulous detail.

And You?

Why don't you share your values with us?

Benefits & Perks

We constantly invest on our Talents

Continuous learning

Jobrapido is a very dynamic Company that operates in a rapid evolving market, as consequence the continuos learning is a must for each employee despite of the role and level in the organisation.
As the new hires join Jobrapido they get involved in an Induction Program, known as the Jobrapido Tour, during which they discover how all the departments contribute to the Company’s success. At the same time the New hires will benefit from the support of a senior colleague that will act as a Coach during the Induction period.
The continuous learning is a key pillar at Jobrapido, which is why we offer our Talents tailored developmental programmes.
We also foster an environment in which everyone makes themselves available to their colleagues and share their knowledge. In addition each manager sets challenging tasks for their teams, making sure that Junior resources are supported by the senior ones, providing constant feedback on the performance, both during the day to day job and in occasion of the quarterly performance review. Our motto is: « Feedback is a gift ».

Flexibility and Fun

We like to work with dedication, flexibility and fun!
At Jobrapido, we adopt flexible working hours so that everyone can manage their work-life balance at their best.
We love to have fun and never miss out on an occasion to celebrate all together.
Some of our recurring events include: Spring Party, Christmas Party, Crew Lunches and Teams’ dinners.

Honours and awards

At Jobrapido, we understand that the collective effort of all employees contributes to achieving the company’s mission. To this end, we like to reward the commitment and efforts of everyone in different occasions. For example, rewarding exceptional performance through the Excellence[at]Jobrapido Award or celebrating the loyalty assigning the Anniversary Award or rewarding the ability to attract the best talents through the Referral Programme Award.

Discounts and Agreements

Our employees can avail of many discounts and special treatments.
Every year we extend our benefits scheme to include the best partners in a wide range of services like Travel, wellbeing, theatre, clothing, design.
Discounts and special treatments are available for the employees and their family members.


Staff wellbeing is our utmost priority.
For this reason, we have developed a wellness programme that put the individual at the centre of a holistic plan that offers activities for the body, mind and spirit to enhance the quality of life.

Equal Opportunities

Ideas and talent are universal, and the same applies to our workforce.
We believe in the value of diversity, and we are committed to providing equal opportunities to all employees, regardless of age, gender, religion, sexual orientation and individual ability.
The Jobrapido team boasts 15 different nationalities and a very balanced gender distribution, which is something we are very proud of.

Moreover, to boost female talent, we have recently launched the Community Women in Digital by Jobrapido, a project that aims to develop initiatives for women who work in the digital industry or who would like to start a career in the digital world.
For more information, check out our blog: Link

Join our team and revolutionize the way people get jobs!!

Working for Jobrapido means being part of a young and dynamic international team.
We are constantly on the lookout for Talents, both in Italy and abroad.
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